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Gioia House

Gioia House Years 5-6

Years 5 and 6 have their own precinct within the Secondary campus. Their program is a two-year learning program tailored specifically for our girls and their needs at this time of their pre-adolescent development. Cocooned in their own area, their curriculum and pastoral programs are delivered by a specialist team who understand girls in this age group and are able to cater to their particular needs. With attractive and intellectually stimulating learning spaces the girls of Years 5 and 6 are able to enjoy a safe, secure learning area with breakout zones and areas for flexible learning as well as individual work zones. 

Gioia is Italian for joy and Gioia House is named for Catherine of Siena and the joyfulness she exuded during her childhood and adolescence. In Gioia House, alongside a curriculum designed for the Years 5 and 6 girls, we are also planning to implement a tailored wellbeing program. Research indicates that girls thrive when they are in a nurturing environment that gives voice to their opinions and choices, allows them to challenge themselves without fear of failure and pursue a life of purpose, fulfilment and meaning. There is evidence that some girls start to lose their confidence from about the age of nine. Our program will include strategies to use mental strength related to inner strength. As the girls become empowered our tailored program will allow them to become aware of their emotions and learn to regulate them while increasing their self confidence.

More details on the Gioia House program can be found in the brochure below.