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The symbol of our annual magazine incorporates two qualities for which the College is often commended – its warmth and the sense of direction of its students. The circle is a symbol of the accepting community which embraces and sustains its members, and the compass is a symbol of direction and purpose. This is what we aim for in the lives of our students at school and beyond – warm, compassionate individuals of integrity, connected to a caring community, with a sense of purpose and a life lived in truth –  VERITAS.

Please find below the pdf versions of previous editions of Encompass, which celebrate our learning community from the infants of Mary Bailey House through K-12, and ex-students.

Encompass Dec 2018
Encompass Dec 2017
Encompass Dec 2016
Encompass Nov 2015
Encompass Oct 2014
Encompass June 2013


Santa Scholars

Santa Scholars is an annual publication showcasing outstanding academic excellence.

Santa Scholars 2018
Santa Scholars 2017
Santa Scholars 2016
Santa Scholars 2015
Santa Scholars 2014

150 Year Celebration Booklet

Dominican Sisters 150 Years

Speech Night

Speech Night 2018

Speech Night 2017

Speech Night 2016

Speech Night 2015

Annual Report 2018

Annual Report 2017

Annual Report 2016 

Listening Tour Report 2013

Principal’s Listening Tour Report