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Positions of Responsibility

College Leadership Team
College Principal Paulina Skerman principal@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Strategic and Educational Operations P-12 John Gilmore j.gilmore@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Business Services P-12Moira Grant m.grant@ssc.nsw.edu.au 
Director of Mission P-12Melanie van der  Meerm.vandermeer@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Community RelationsYvette Granieroy.graniero@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of People, Culture and Professional Learning P-12Ann McGoverna.mcgovern@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Acting Head of Primary P-4 Karen Campbell k.campbell@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Mary Bailey House Jackie Baxter j.baxter@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Teaching and Learning 7-12 Angela Thomas a.thomas@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Students and Wellbeing 7-12Santina Gambrill s.gambrill@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Outdoor Education TallongKendal Hannk.hann@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Leadership positions
Dean of Professional Practice 6-12Rachel Duker.duke@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Dean of Enterprise and InnovationRosanne Sukkarr.sukkar@ssc.nsw.edu.au
ICT ManagerAlly Eddya.eddy@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Artistic DirectorTim Chung t.chung@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Music Performance P-12 James Pensini j.pensini@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Director of Sport and Co-curricular Activities George Ayoub    g.ayoub@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Facilities & Property Manager Neridda Hutchison n.hutchison@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Gioia House (Yrs 5-6) – Leadership
Head of Gioia HouseStella Azizians.azizian@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Assistant Head of Gioia HouseElise Kente.kent@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Primary Years (P-4) Leadership
Acting Head of Primary P-4 Karen Campbell k.campbell@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Acting IB PYP Coordinator Alana Ivancsik a.ivancsik@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Primary Coordinator Luke Carr l.carr@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Acting Religious Education (P-6) and Pastoral Care Coordinator (P-4)
 Tina Nicotina t.nicotina@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Gifted Education  Coordinator P-4 Caddie Ruster c.ruster@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Leader of Learning Technology P-6Alana Ivancsika.ivancsik@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Primary  Years – key positions
Prep Teacher Clare Wood c.wood@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Inclusive Education Coordinator Helen Dallas h.dallas@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Heads of Department
Head of Library and Information Services Katrina O’Shea k.oshea@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Drama and Visual  Arts Nicole Ellis-   Windsor n.elliswindsor@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of English (Acting) Michael Di Ciaccio m.diciaccio@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of English (Acting) Angela Bunquin a.bunquin@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of HSIE (Social   Sciences) Kate Corcoran k.corcoran@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of HSIE (History) Tim Briscoe t.briscoe@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Languages Lydia Bentivoglio l.bentivoglio@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Mathematics Rebecca Stirling r.stirling@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Mathematics Sharon Fajou s.fajou@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Music Curriculum Deborah Cunneen d.cunneen@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of PDHPE Elise Whiley e.whiley@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Religious  Education  Charlotte Burton c.burton@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Science Moira De   Domeneghi m.dedomeneghi@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of TAS  Debbie Bachmann d.bachmann@ssc.nsw.edu.au 
Head of Inclusive  Education 6–12 Maxene Borg m.borg@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Head of Gifted Education P-12 Rachele Rugiero r.rugiero@ssc.nsw.edu.au
IB Diploma Coordinator  Julie Harris j.harris@ssc.nsw.edu.au
IB CAS Coordinator Rita Armen r.armen@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Dean of Enterprise and Innovation Rosanne Sukkar r.sukkar@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Pastoral Team
Gunagulla Head of House Cassandra  Brotherton        c.brotherton@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Kurrawa Head of House Tia O’Carrollt.ocaroll@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Mundawora Head of House Kate Blake k.blake@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Teangi Head of House Alec Robertson a.robertson@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Weelya Head of House Kate Munro   k.munro@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Yetinga Head of House Monica Bentivoglio      m.bentivoglio@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Key positions
College Nurse Karen Peeters k.peeters@ssc.nsw.edu.au
College Counsellor P-12 Greta Chiera g.chiera@ssc.nsw.edu.au
College Counsellor P-12 Tania Rugiero t.rugiero@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Careers Counsellor Eva Guirguis e.guirguis@ssc.nsw.edu.au
OOSH Coordinator Jessica Fakhry j.fakhry@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Information Technology
ICT Manager Ally Eddy a.eddy@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Community Relations
Director of Community  Relations Yvette Graniero y.graniero@ssc.nsw.edu.au
College Registrar Marion Malouf m.malouf@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Co-curricular 6-12
Debating and Public Speaking Jessica Shaheen j.shaheen@ssc.nsw.edu.au
Coordinator Outdoor Education and Experiential Learning Chris Walker c.walker1@ssc.nsw.edu.au