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Inclusive Education

At Santa Sabina College, we are committed to creating an inclusive learning community where all students belong, are engaged and enabled to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand and respect others.

Our strategies and practices include:

  • the identification, monitoring and review of student needs
  • making adjustments to learning informed by a range of qualitative and quantitative data from external professionals’ diagnostics reports and internal assessment screening tools
  • consultation with parents/carers, teachers, and allied service providers to inform the level of need and recommended adjustments
  • the development of Personalised Learning Plans that reflect the needs and adjustments in place to support students with disability, language and other diverse needs
  • ensuring differentiation of programs and pedagogy to support the continuum of diverse student needs.

In the Primary Years the IE Team works with classroom teachers to ensure that students with disability and learning needs are supported through intervention programs and in-classroom support.

At Gioia House the focus is on literacy and numeracy intervention in class and specific intervention programs such as MacqLit, Reading, Spelling, Numeracy intervention.

On the Secondary Campus the IE team runs the ASPIRE Program – a targeted, specialised, intervention program in Years 7-12 to provide responsive educational support tailored to the needs of diverse learners.

We work to ensure that environments and programs are responsive to the diverse needs of each learner through facilitating equitable opportunities and a holistic strength-based approach to include students with cognitive or learning disability, physical or sensory disability, or social/emotional disability, as well as students from diverse ethnic, cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds.

The Inclusive Education Team helps to facilitate access and participation opportunities for engagement in learning for all students through a culture of collaboration, mutual respect, support and problem solving to make reasonable adjustments so that learning is equitable.

If you would like to contact the IE team, please email Jo McKeown, Dean of Inclusive Education P-12 (