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Exceptional Education

The Dominican approach to education is characterised by a commitment to truth explored in dialogue, a vibrant preaching of the Gospel, a critical appreciation of culture and cultures, and a love of the beautiful. As a Dominican school, Santa Sabina College fosters these values as we grow our students to achieve personal excellence across all domains of their education.

Therefore we are a place where complex learning happens, where curiosity and creativity are practised, and where classrooms are no longer limited to physical spaces but are a metaphor for wherever learning happens. Our students have opportunities to be curious: to ask why, to be open-minded, to be baffled, to be engaged. They learn by being inquirers and doers.

Curiosity is fundamentally
about asking ‘why?’

Curiosity is fundamentally about asking ‘why?’– one of the most dangerous things we can ask. It takes us into uncertainty but the only way we can learn is to step into that space. So at Santa Sabina we value curiosity and inquiry. We also know that growing up is a messy, complex process, and that growing scholars is not straightforward either. We are endlessly curious about our students – their beliefs, their passions, and their different stages of growth. We ask lots of questions, and encourage our students to do the same.

We cannot reduce the complex and curious process of learning to simplistic messages. Instead, we support our students as they negotiate their diverse learning journeys with discernment, reflection and joy.

Santa Sabina College is co-educational from Prep to Year 4 and girls only from Year 5 to Year 12. Prep to Year 4 are located on the Santa Maria del Monte campus at 59 The Boulevarde. Year 5 to Year 12 are located on the main Santa Sabina campus at 90 The Boulevarde. 

  • The start of girls-only education takes place on the Santa Sabina Secondary Campus where the girls of Years 5 and 6 are nestled in their own precinct – Gioia House – with specific academic and wellbeing programs suited to their needs.

  • The girls of Years 7 to 12 make up our Secondary experience. After two years already on the Secondary Campus in Gioia House, the Year 7 girls are empowered to step confidently into Stage 4 and their high school start. Their development will continue to be nurtured as they become further immersed in an education that sparks their curiosity and love of learning. In Year 10 they choose between the NSW HSC and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP) for Years 11 and 12.