Gifted Education

Championing academic excellence, providing enriching opportunities for growth, and supporting students to work towards their potential through a well-differentiated curriculum and appropriate provisions – this is what our Gifted Education program aspires to achieve. Françoys Gagné’s Differentiated Model of Giftedness and Talent forms the central conceptual understanding of giftedness at Santa Sabina – Gifted, the student potential; and Talent, developed and witnessed through outstanding achievement and performance.

Giftedness is diverse. We see heightened intellectual potential within all subjects from Mathematics, History and Science to Languages and English. We see it through innovative ideas and through critical thinking and reasoning. It is inclusive of creativity and can be seen on the stage, on the sporting fields, reflected through artistic expression, and heard through musical performances and composition.

How do we do this at Santa Sabina?

At Santa Sabina College we foster a passion for learning and striving for excellence through diverse experiences both within and outside the classroom. These range from award-winning participation in inquiry projects, competitions and challenges to workshops with research scientists, musicians, professional athletes, philosophers, artists, writers and poets. These include NSW Health Department’s School Science Competition, the da Vinci Decathlon, the Inquisitive Minds Talented Mathematicians workshop, the nationwide Science and Engineering Challenge, GATSTA Philosophy and Creative Days, Spectacular Science at the University of Sydney, Tea composition collaborative research project, next Tech Girl Superhero competition, Technovation Global Challenge, the National Mathematics Talent Quest, Tournament of the Minds, CAASTRO Galaxy Convention and the NSW Titration Competition for Schools.

Read more from our Gifted Education Coordinators, Rachele Rugiero (Middle and Senior Years) and Zeina Chalich (Primary Years).