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Student Leadership

Our Student Leadership programs in the Primary and Secondary Years emphasise service, teamwork, taking initiative and developing responsibility.

Our student leaders work together to:

  • Invite participation from the rest of the community
  • Listen to and voice student concerns
  • Involve themselves in issues of justice
  • Challenge others to be their best selves
  • Be of service to all
  • Reflect upon their roles as leaders.

Our Student Leadership system is made up of an interconnection of many teams, which in turn form links with the pastoral and co-curricular structures of the College.

On the Primary Campus the Leadership Teams include: Welcome and Hospitality, the Eco Team and Liturgy.

The Committees on the Secondary Campuses reflect the many co-curricular activities that are available to students.

These include Justice, Liturgy and Celebrations, Performing Arts, Environment, Sports, Debating and Public Speaking.

The Student Leadership Executive, SRC, Committee and House Leaders all work together to build community and belonging for all students.