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Alumni and the Ex-Students’ Association

Our alumni community is all about staying connected.

We have a vibrant and active global network of past students with remarkable achievements, who continue to enrich the Santa Sabina College community. The Ex-Students’ Association and the College’s Alumni Officer are the points of contact for former students.

There are a number of opportunities for different generations of Santa Sabina ex-students and their families to maintain their lifelong Dominican connection. Alumni come together for reunions, career networking, playgroups, Social Justice initiatives and College events.

Past students can play an important role both in the alumni community and in the lives of students. As mentors, they can provide current and past students with exciting opportunities and advice as they embark on their future careers.

We encourage our alumni of all generations to stay connected through our Facebook page – like our page and discover a great forum for engaging with past students and keeping up to date with College news and events.

Podcast Series on EXCEPTIONAL

Have you listened to our latest podcast on Exceptional?

Ann Maree Mulders is an ovarian cancer survivor. She listened to her body when no one else did and became her own advocate in what was a hard journey through surgery, treatment and healing. She now advocates for others as an Ovarian Cancer Australia ambassador. This is her story, through cancer and out the other side. See for privacy information.

Please click here to listen.

To learn more about the Ex-Students’ Association please visit us here.