Staff experts in their fields

Our History and Geography teachers have been sharing their professional expertise with the broader educational community.

Brigida Zagora was invited to present to teachers from independent schools from the perspective of a Senior HSC Ancient History Marker at the AISNSW History Conference 2023 – Expanding Horizons – Milestones of History through the ‘2023 HSC Examination Deep Dive for Ancient History’.

Christopher Richardson’s academic research has been referenced by Jung H. Pak in the book Becoming King Jong Un. ‘Christopher Richardson, a researcher who focuses on how childhood is experienced in North Korea, points out that the regime is seeking to paint Kim as a child genius with “messianic destiny” and the natural heir to the revolution.” (p94)

Kate Corcoran’s article for the Geography Bulletin was published by The Geography Teachers Association. ‘An innovative Cross Curriculum initiative from Santa Sabina College to integrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander themes in History and Geography classrooms is explained by Kate Corcoran in An Integrated Approach to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Themes.’