Harmony Day 2024

Harmony in music is the combination of two or more notes, played simultaneously, to create a single, harmonious sound. In the artistic world, harmony is achieved through the unification of artistic elements of colour, form, shape or proportion to create a cohesive whole that is neither repetitious nor chaotic. Just like its musical and artistic counterparts, Harmony Day is a celebration of the many cultures that come together to form one peaceful community – a group of people who together, are more than the sum of their individual parts.

This year we celebrated Harmony Day in a very special way at Santa Sabina, by bringing students together from Kindergarten right through to Year 12, in House groups. These groups met in locations across the Del Monte and senior campuses and completed activities to promote communication and develop relationships across campuses and amongst students.

Living in harmony is not a new term or concept. We learn through the letters of St Peter and St Paul to early Christian communities that they lived their lives in harmony; sharing their everyday belongings, their talents and their faith. In our modern world, we recognise that living in harmony in the multicultural country of Australia enriches and enhances our lives, we recognise and appreciate the richness and depth that these cultural differences bring to our lives.

Watching the interaction between students from across campuses, between grades and from a multitude of cultural backgrounds, was a special way to celebrate Harmony Day and one that I’m sure the students will remember as one of the many special moments of their days here at Santa Sabina.