Professional Learning – Action Research

This year we are thrilled to be working in partnership with experts from UTS to develop and implement our K-12 Action Research Project. Facilitated by Professor Nick Hopwood and Dr Tracey-Ann Palmer, the opening workshop provided a high energy refresher course on the why, what and how of action research. During this workshop, teachers were reminded of the value of using qualitative and quantitative data to measure the impact of their practices and the importance of using this data to identify and address ‘problems of practice’. With preliminary groups formed and a wide range of focus areas identified, groups will now spend time refining their research question, engaging in research into current best practice and identifying the data they will use to measure the impact of their intervention. While critical reflection and reiteration of teaching and learning practices is nothing new to teachers at Santa, the action research process provides the methodology to be more collaborative, strategic and measured as we strive to develop and implement evidence enriched, high impact pedagogical practices. Stay tuned…..

Kate Corcoran
Action Research Coordinator and Teacher of Social Science