There is no place like the Ethics Olympiads

Congratulations to our Ethics Olympiads Middle School Gold medallists who qualified for the International Ethics Olympiads. They were one of 36 qualifying teams participating in the international final.

The students engaged in impressive ethical discourse in topics such as the ‘right to be forgotten on the internet’, ‘(Un)Charitable donations’ and ‘The day after tomorrow’ exploring ethical issues surrounding the environmental impact of climate change. The students addressed questions such as ‘Should governments ever have the power to forcibly evacuate people from their homes?’ and in the case of ‘Charitable donations’  questions such as Some charities are able to do more good with our donations than others. Do we have an obligation to donate to the charity that gives the ‘biggest bang for our buck’?

Our Santa Sabina Team received an honourable mention from the judges for their respectful discourse and solid commentary and responses.

Our students – Edith Barrett, Kate Fernandez, Isabel Marturia, Charlotte So and Matilda Stephens – were superb on the day and they are to be acknowledged for the commendable way they represented their school, state and country.

Isabel Marturia, on behalf of the Ethics team, shared her thoughts on the Ethics experience:

We all loved the experience of the Ethics Olympiad and are so grateful we had the opportunity to take part in this international event. We are so proud of how far we have come and the development that we have witnessed in our ethical discussion skills. We would like to thank our Year 11 mentors and Ms Rugiero for their support and all of the knowledge that they passed on. We definitely wouldn’t have been able to achieve the results we did without their guidance and encouragement. For most of us, it was our first time competing and our mentors were so kind and patient in explaining to us even the simplest things such as what ‘ethics’ even meant! Overall it was a wonderful learning experience and the skills we gained will definitely help us in future studies.