Interior Design award winner

Antonia Moulos, who has just finished Year 12, has won the Interior Design category of the prestigious Bright Awards 2020. Antonia entered her HSC Major Work, Rehabilitation Facility for Young Australians – age-appropriate housing for young people with severe disabilities and complex needs who are too often placed into aged-care facilities. Antonia’s design provides a rehabilitative and caring environment for youth with on-site medical facilities, rehabilitation services and a range of on-site accommodation.

According to Antonia, young people with disabilities in nursing homes for the elderly have been forgotten.

‘They have not been provided with basic human rights to participate in society, the right to develop, the right to be integrated within society’, she said.

The judges assembled by Billy Blue College of Design within Torrens University Australia said:

‘Antonia’s work blew me away. The level of complexity that a project like this carries is incredibly high and so I was very impressed to see that she had indeed carried out a huge amount of work to be able to meet that complexity and design a useful and beautiful solution for it. The additional work in reaching out to various industry, government, and council representatives shows true ambition to get this project “right”. The confidence in the architectural forms and the research that has gone into their development is deeply impressive for someone at this level, and I have no doubt at all that we in the construction and design industry should get ready to see great things from Antonia as she moves through to higher education and then on into the workforce. Congratulations!’

Antonia’s prize included $1000 for herself and $3000 for Santa Sabina.