First in NSW for maths investigations

Santa Sabina College has topped the state in seven out of 11 categories in this year’s Investigating with Mathematics competition run by the Mathematical Association of NSW Inc. We are particularly excited that the maths behind gathering the whole school in 125th anniversary formation on the oval won the Year 6 Maths Fajou class ‘First in State’.

Known as The 125 project, the 15 Year 6 students learnt about Pi, ratio, rates and proportion to calculate answers to questions such as, ‘how could we fit 1400 people inside the numerals 1, 2 and 5’. On a rainy day in March 2019, all students from Prep to Year 12, together with the staff and Dominican sisters, successfully fitted into numeral shapes devised by the students. The event was filmed by drone in celebration of the school’s 125th anniversary.

Seven other maths classes from Year 1 to Year 5 also won ‘First in State’ for their divisions of the competition:

We congratulate the following students for their outstanding wins, ‘First in State’:

  • Year 1 Carr/McKelvey Class Group: Ryder Elsibai, George Nikolaou, Claudia He, Emmanuel Chidiac and Rohan Deepak for ‘Single Use Plastics in our classroom’
  • Year 1 Carr/McKelvey: for ‘How do you brush your teeth?’
  • Year 3 Kent Class Group: Olivia He, Mia Phan, Harlow Elsibai and Sophie Torresan for ‘Helping our Neighbours’
  • Year 3 Antoniou Class Group for ‘Maths in Soccer’
  • Year 4 Class Group: Violette Addabbo, Jazelle Poon, Harper Klein, Chen Rui Lay and Serena Li for ‘Sugar Intake’
  • Year 4 McGrath Class Group for ‘How big is a French knitted blanket?’
  • Year 5 Campbell/Dallas for ‘The cupcake Challenge’
  • Year 6 Fajou/Sinclair for ‘The 25 Project’.

The following groups gained Merits:

  • Year 3 Antoniou Individual: Allegra Afonso for ‘Reducing Paper Waste’
  • Year 5 Group: Angelina Hanna, Maya Olic and Cleo Donohoe for ‘What is the true cost of sport?’
  • Year 5 Group: Anabel Touma and Lisa Geddes for ‘Maths is all around us. Maths in Music’

Congratulations to these outstanding young mathematicians and their teachers. Our ‘First in State’ winners will now proceed to the National Maths Talent Quest competition.