Santa Fest – a great success!

Santa Fest activities and events in early June at the College were really enjoyable and thoroughly successful! It was fantastic to see so many students involved in organising the events and then participating in them each recess and lunch across the week. As well as this, Santa Fest 2019 will also be remembered for the terrific involvement of so many staff – taking on students in a Basketball game, a very engaging and amusing debate, busking, generously supporting the Immersion breakfast on Wednesday morning, dressing up as Santa students and being involved in virtually all of the acts presented at the concert to end the week!

Santa Fest provides our students with the opportunity to raise funds for our sister school Our Lady of The Sacred Rosary located in the township of Montebello in Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa. The success of Santa Fest depends on many things but one of the significant elements is a genuine expression of community. In June, we saw numerous wonderful expressions of community from all of our students and staff. And this led to the sense of purpose, engagement and enjoyment which characterised Santa Fest 2019!

Whilst final figures are yet to be confirmed, it appears that Santa Fest raised over $10,000. This is a wonderful outcome and the resources that these funds will provide the students at the school in Montebello will be very warmly received!