The best in science writing – recognition from UNSW

Congratulations Preethika Mathan who has been recognised by the University of NSW as the best student science writer in Australia in 2018!

Preethika has just been announced as the winner of the UNSW Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing 2018.

Preethika, in Year 7, beat entrants from Years 7 to 10 from across the country with her 800-word essay titled “I-Care”. All entrants were required to write on “Technology and Tomorrow”.

Preethika’s impassioned essay on the need for the development of Intelligent Care Technologies (i-Care) argues that technology has the potential to liberate the lives of people with disabilities and reshape their tomorrow.

“I live among you but I am nothing like you. My independence is dependent … I am one of the four million people who have special needs. I live in a free country, without freedom. But all is not lost. Technology has shown its potential to revolutionise my life and reshape my tomorrow.”

Preethika will be presented with prizes including $500 worth of university books at the launch of The Best Australian Science Writing 2018 event at UNSW in November.

Another Santa Sabina student was also named one of three runners-up for this award. Our warm congratulations to Sienna Ters of Year 8 for her essay “Celebrating 40 years of MRI technology, and why we need it more than ever”. Sienna wins $250 worth of university books among other prizes. Her essay examines how medial resonance imaging is helping to diagnose and treat cancer, improving and extending the lives of sufferers.

Both Preethika’s and Sienna’s essays can be read in full online. “I-Care” will also be published by UNSW.