Maths domination!

Santa Sabina College topped the state in six out of 11 categories in this week’s 2018 Investigating with Mathematics competition run by the Mathematical Association of NSW Inc!

We congratulate the following students for their outstanding wins, “First in State”:

  • Year 1 Carr/McKelvey class for “War on Waste”
  • Year 4 small group Anabel Touma, Lisa Geddes for “Maths for good: investigating fundraising”
  • Year 6 Azizian class for “Exploring the Deep”
  • Year 7 individual Preethika Mathan for “Slimey Maths”
  • Year 7 small group Francesca Bavaro, Katarina Seric, Julia Gomez, Annie Moore for “The maths behind paradoxes”
  • Year 8 small group Angelique Hanzikonstandis, Keira Van, Loredana Leonard, Victoria Kim, Sophia Witting for “Chatting about Chatime”.

We also dominated the runners-up, with three “Second in State”:

  • Year 4 small group Hannah The, Sarah Kaye and Emily Wong for “Technology”
  • Year 6 Quinlan Class for “Steps taken by Yr 6 students compared with the staff and students”
  • Year 7 small group Cece Addabbo, Emma Carroll, Elena Di Mento and Cara Sharry for “Hitting the sweet spot”.

Congratulations to these outstanding young mathematicians and their teachers. Our “First in State” winners will now proceed to the National Maths Talent Quest competition.

The full list of winners is published by MANSW here.