Year 6 outdoor education experience at Tallong

In March, Year 6 students participated in the Outdoor Education experience at Tallong. The Outdoor education program was carefully designed to encourage the girls to develop group problem skills, grow in confidence, build resilience, form friendships and enable them to experience a wide range of outdoor activities. Most importantly, the Outdoor Education experience encouraged the girls to become aware of their environment and the need to respect and care for it.

All students were open to challenges and faced them with courage and enthusiasm. Year 10 leaders displayed outstanding leadership skills and care towards all students and staff.

When we asked the students to describe their experience at Tallong in a few words, this is what they said:

“I loved the smell of fresh, delicious scones and sleeping in a tent with the warmth of the campfire…” Rochelle

“I’m grateful for every experience I had at Tallong and the time I shared with my friends…” Inez

“My favourite activity was mountain biking. It was so fun to fly over the bumps and spin around the corners, knowing that my friends and teachers were cheering at the end of the track…” Madeline

“I never thought that I could go on the flying fox but with the encouragement of my friends, I managed to overcome my fear and enjoy the experience. I was so proud of myself…” Verina

“There was something very special about the campfire, I just loved making the fire and keeping it alive…” Ava

“It was the first time that I tried a roasted marshmallow and I absolutely loved it!…” Ilaria

“We played lots of fun games while trying to solve really challenging group problems. It was very hard, as everyone wanted to share their ideas, we learned to take turns and listen to each other…” Grace

“During the bush walk, we learned about  Indigenous bush medicine and our role in creating a sustainable environment. Also, everyone planted a tree and named it with some funny names…”  Sienna

“I learned how to ride a mountain bike for the first time, I loved it and was very proud of my achievement…” Cassandra

“I liked writing a prayer of gratitude and how everyone had a chance to share it during our Liturgy…”

“I wish that the camp was longer, three days is just not enough…” Darcey and Chiara