Clean Up Schools Day

Environmental pollution is considered to be one of the greatest problems that the world is facing today. It affects all people in every part of our earth, with about 40% of deaths worldwide being caused by water, air and soil pollution. Australia contributes to this shocking reality, with the average Australian producing 1.5 tonnes of waste in a year.

In order to respond to this global problem and take action towards change, on Thursday 1 March, Santa Sabina’s students demonstrated their support by participating in our annual Clean Up Schools Day event. In the past 27 years, Australians have devoted more than 32 million hours to the environment through Clean Up Australia Day and have collected over 344 thousand tonnes of rubbish that has been illegally dumped in our neighbourhoods. We are proud to have made our own difference as a community, by raising awareness of this issue and calling for change on our own grounds. During this event, students were encouraged to collect rubbish from around the school grounds, with both the encouragement of our mascot, Penny the Polar Bear, and through the incentive of winning House points for every bag filled with rubbish.

We were overwhelmingly successful, collecting a total of 95 full bags of rubbish and returning our campus to the pristine state we found it in at the start of the year! We are pleased to announce that Yetinga emerged victorious, earning the most amount of points for their house!

We thank all students who got involved on the day, and encourage all to continue the habit of appropriately disposing of their rubbish all year round.

Caitlin and Deena
Environment Leaders