Australian Music Day

Santa Sabina College, in partnership with Limelight Magazine and Richard Gill OAM, will host Australian Music Day, a composition workshop, on Tuesday 19 July 2016.

Over 200 students from Santa Sabina College and other schools across the state, including a large contingent from Tamworth, will work alongside professional musicians and experts in the area of composition, to bring contemporary works to life. The experience aims to inspire students to find their own music voice.

Richard Gill, Australia’s foremost music educator, has instigated this event in collaboration with Limelight Magazine, and Santa Sabina College’s Artistc Director, Karen Carey. In his dynamic manner and with the assistance of Tim Hansen, Santa Sabina College’s Composer in Residence, Richard Gill will deliver an astounding compositional development experience for Year 11 Music 1 and Music 2 students, as well as for students in years 8, 9, and 10.

Two major works will be analysed with live performances by a professional string quartet. These works contain teaching points, and are models for students to create their own works. All elective students have composed a piece to be performed by the string quartet on the day. They have studied in class, and have come up with their own example using technology for the final presentation of the score.

Composing, performing, listening and critical thinking are all part of being a good musician as well as a successful self-directed learner. Santa Sabina students are privileged to work in partnership with Australia’s best music educators and professional musicians. Combined with sharing musical ideas and learning from like-minded students, this experience will encourage students to learn from, and be inspired by, each other’s scores. Santa Sabina College believes that such collaborative partnerships inspire and enable musical excellence.