Principal’s Update

Principal’s Update – 20 November 29, 2017

Santa Sabina College is excited to announce the appointment of our new Artistic Director, Mr Timothy Chung, and Head of Instrumental Music, Mr James Pensini,... Read More

Principal’s Update – 19 November 23, 2017

As this is the last Principal’s Updates for 2017 I wish to thank all members of the Santa Sabina community for their support of the... Read More

Principal’s Update – 18 November 10, 2017

Santa Sabina is pleased to offer the opportunity once more for students in Years 7-12 to participate in the NASA Space School adventure in 2018.... Read More

Principal’s Update – 17 October 27, 2017

As the month of October, the month of the Holy Rosary, comes to a close, we give thanks to Mary, Mother of God for the... Read More

Principal’s Update – 16 October 13, 2017

As Term 4 begins we have much to celebrate. Our students and teachers are safely home from the South African and Solomon Islands Immersions. The... Read More

Principal’s Update – 15 September 14, 2017

In this final Principal’s Updates of the term, I take the opportunity to wish students and families well for the coming school holidays, and to... Read More

Principal’s Update 2017 – 14 August 31, 2017

On this last day of Winter, we are reminded that our Year 12 students are fast approaching their final few weeks of ‘school’. For many... Read More

Principal’s Update 2017 – 13 August 17, 2017

The first stage of the Siena Senior Centre – the landscaped amphitheatre – is ready to be “unwrapped”. While the lawns and new planting will... Read More

Principal’s Update 2017 – 12 August 3, 2017

It was wonderful to celebrate our annual St Dominic’s day with the whole Dominican family of Sisters, staff, students, parents, ex-students and special guests. It... Read More

Principal’s Update 2017 – 11 July 21, 2017

Welcome to Term 3 to all our families, and a particular welcome to those families who have just joined our community. During the recent school... Read More