Inclusive Education

The Student Support Program at Santa Sabina College provides support for students from Kindergarten to Year 12 who have identified learning needs and for those for whom English is a Second Language (ESL).

The program involves specialist support staff and classroom teachers from the Primary School, Middle School and Secondary School working in partnership with students, parents and other relevant professionals to devise the best possible program to support each student’s access to the curriculum and co-curricular experiences.

Personalised learning and differentiation within our mixed ability classrooms allows us to cater for a diversity of learning needs. Differentiation includes modification of content, teaching and learning strategies, tasks and the learning environment. For students who are identified as requiring learning support, appropriate intervention will depend on the individual learning needs of the student. Support may include adjustments to class programs, the involvement of teachers’ aides and itinerant teachers, applications for Special Provisions from the Board of Studies or consultation with agencies such as ASPECT Australia, Giant Steps or RIDBC.

Santa Sabina College is committed to resourcing the individual learning needs of our students and to the ongoing professional development of staff in the area of learning support. The College embraces inclusive education.