Gifted Education

“Gifted learners often possess a heightened level of curiosity; a fascination with seeking out and acquiring new knowledge; a wide variety  of interests; power of concentration; superior reasoning powers and ability to handle abstract ideas; flexibility in thinking and considering problems from a number of viewpoints; and, an alert and subtle sense of humour.”

Clark, 1983; Baska, 1989; Gross, 1994

Common sense tells us that all people learn at different rates, in different ways and within different subject areas. Our Gifted Education program at Santa Sabina College aims to meet the learning needs of our highly able students who need appropriately designed opportunities, stimulation and experiences to develop their potential.

How do we do this at Santa Sabina?

Identification of our gifted students is ongoing and involves multiple sources including the valuable information parents have to share about their child.

Appropriate strategies for gifted students, which we may implement at different times to meet their particular needs, include acceleration, grouping structures, differentiated curriculum, assessment and reporting. We will also continue to provide opportunities for enrichment and extension through our wider range of extracurricular activities and links to external gifted education opportunities.

It is our role as educators to identify, challenge and support the learners in this process.

For this to occur for gifted students they need:

  • Challenging curriculum that addresses their needs for flexible pace and complexity
  • Time for in-depth exploration and reflection
  • Big picture conceptual instruction using higher order cognitive skills.