Positions of Responsibility 2017

 College Executive

 College Principal

 Dr Maree Herrett


 Head of School 6-12

 Carmelina Eussen


 Director of Mary Bailey House

 Jackie Baxter


 Head of Primary School

 Sharon Portlock


 Head of Pastoral Care 6-12

 Lynn Long


 Head of Teaching & Learning 6-12

 Angela Thomas


 Head of Mission & Identity

 Helen Smith


 Leadership positions P-12

 Artistic Director

 Karen Carey


 Business Manager

 Vivienne Rofe


 Director of Community Relations

 Yvette Graniero


 Director of Human Resources

 Juliann Lee


 Director of Sport

 George Ayoub   


 Campus Manager – Tallong


 Michele Naughton


 Property & Facilities Manager

 Adam Pilarowski


 Primary Years leadership

 Head of School P-5

 Sharon Portlock


 IB PYP Coordinator

 Emma McAulay


 Primary Coordinator

 Luke Carr


 Religious Education and Literacy  Coordinator

 Maria Thompson


 Key positions – Primary Years

 Prep Teacher

 Clare Wood


 Gifted Education Coordinator P-5

 Melanie Stock


 Inclusive Education Teacher

 Janine Costigan


 Middle Years leadership

 Middle Years  Learning Coordinator 

 Helen Dallas


 Middle Years Student   Coordinator 

 Tania Kolar


 Heads of Department 6-12

 Head of Professional Learning

 Julie Kadir


 Head of Information Services

 Katrina O’Shea


 General Coordinator

 Stacey Atterton


 Head of Drama Visual Arts

 Nicole Ellis-Windsor


 Head of English

 Rachel Duke


 Head of English

 Elizabeth Phipps


 Head of HSIE (Social Sciences)

 Kate Corcoran


 Head of HSIE (History)

 Tim Briscoe


 Head of Languages

 Lydia Bentivoglio


 Head of Mathematics

 Rebecca Stirling


 Head of Mathematics 

 Sharon Fajou


 Head of Music

 Sarah Feltham


 Head of PDHPE

 Bradley Bulger


 Head of Religious Education 

 Jane McDonald


 Head of Science

 Moira De Domeneghi


 Head of TAS

 Debbie Bachmann


 Head of Inclusive Education 6-12

 Karen Meagher       


 IB Diploma Coordinator 

 Helen Bitossi


 Pastoral Team

 Gunagulla Head of House

 Cassandra  Brotherton      


 Kurrawa Head of House

 Melanie Van der Meer


 Mundawora Head of House

 Skye Tyler


 Teangi Head of House

 Samantha Newbond


 Weelya Head of House

 Marysa White 


 Yetinga Head of House

 Sherine Metira            


 Key positions

 Community Pastoral Support

 Sr Mary-Clare Holland  OP


 College Nurse

 Karen Peeters


 College Counsellor 

 Gaye Luders


 Careers Advisor 

 Kath McKee


 OOSH Director

 Rebecca Rahme


 Information Technology

 Director of IT

 Craig Paris


 Community Relations

 Director of Community Relations

 Yvette Graniero



 Marion Malouf


 Co-Curricular 6-12

 Co-Curricular Coordinator

 Eva Guirguis  


 Debating and Public Speaking

 Annette Janssen


 Duke of Edinburgh’s Award  Coordinator

 Jodi Halmarick