National Maths Talent Quest

Santa Sabina College had 3 winners in the 2015 National Talent Quest! Prep, (Little Architects Design Big Houses) Year 1 small group (Where’s the Maths in Habitats) and Year 5 (The Maths Behind School Improvement: How Can We Improve Our School?)¬†They received their awards at the National Ceremony at La Trobe University in Melbourne.

The Maths Talent Quest engages students in mathematics project work and investigations, as well as providing them with an opportunity to use ICT and communicate to their peers, and a state-wide and national audience.

The focus of the Maths Talent Quest is on the process of mathematical investigations. Looking at real life situations and finding that mathematics is everywhere helps capture the imagination of both teachers and students alike.

IMG_7179 Maths Award with Mrs Portlock Maths Award