Introducing Emma Crosswell, Mathematics Teacher

Emma Crosswell’s passion for maths has been noticed. Not only are Santa girls from Year 7 through to Year 12 benefitting, also maths teachers from across NSW are about to be her students.

Graduating from the University of Sydney with Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education (with Honours) degrees, Ms Crosswell came to Santa to engage our students in algebra, trigonometry and all types of equations. A prodigious conference attendee, Ms Crosswell was also invited to present her teaching strategies at a recent Mathematical Association of NSW Primary and Middle Years Conference, ‘Talking Mathematically: Communicating Clearly’.

In a session called ‘A Mixed Bag of Lessons’ Ms Crosswell described the best ideas from her teaching, including ‘the rewarding moments as well as the hardships along the way’.

‘I’m extremely grateful to have come to Santa Sabina. It was recommended by my uni lecturer who had worked here. She told me how supportive the staff are – encouraging teachers to try new ideas within a positive school culture’, she says.

Then there’s our professional development for teachers and the admirable resilience of our students who ‘work really well together in group work’, according to Ms Crosswell.

Of the 140 students she taught in her first year at Santa, it looks like the Year 8 class has had the most fun maths lesson.

Challenging herself to find creative ways to engage students, Ms Crosswell recently conducted a lesson with a difference. She set up an equation scavenger hunt, posting questions around the school. Students left their desks and even the classroom. Successful answers led them to different learning spaces (all numbered) with the last question’s answer being the room number of their own classroom.

They loved it and keep asking when the next hunt will be!

‘There are always some students who need a bit of a push so creating fun activities gets them involved’.

Away from class Ms Crosswell likes to unwind with yoga, at cafes with friends or on her own with a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle. ‘I’m very patient and I find it really relaxing to sit there finding the pieces’.

A studious past time for an engaging young teacher.