Introducing Charlotte Burton, Head of RE

Put on love which binds us all in unity.
Colossians 3:14

Ms Charlotte Burton, our new Head of Religious Education, is a true theologian who brings to Santa a broad understanding of the Christian faith with an ecumenical approach.

Her unique fusion of Catholic upbringing, a life of mission and reflection and her inspiring classroom teaching methods is already being noticed and valued by our students.

Deeply influenced by the Sisters of St Joseph in her own education, Ms Burton is passionate about faith formation. Her approach is shaped by her early training in youth ministry and leadership at the Sydney Missionary and Bible College, and by working alongside people from other faith traditions. Gaining an understanding of who Christ is and drawing connections between our Christian faith and day to day life is what our students expect in her classes.

Before embarking on her BA majoring in Religious Education, Ms Burton spent time as a youth worker. After questioning how she could harness her personal faith it then became clear to her that her life’s direction would be teaching religion to students.

Ms Burton not only has a wealth of RE teaching experience at Catholic schools (Oakhill College, St Vincent’s College, St Catherine’s School) but also spent 18 years teaching RE at Barker College, an Anglican school. Her teaching, her work in pastoral care and her volunteer community service have been supplemented by considerable private study of the Scriptures allowing her to feel greater ownership of her own faith.

After the first few weeks in the job at Santa, Ms Burton reflected as follows:

‘As we look back on 125 years of spiritual and academic formation at Santa Sabina, we should gain inspiration from Christ, who works to give us unity and fashions our diversity.

 ‘We should also gain inspiration from our Holy Scriptures, which remind us at this juncture in our history, that though we are many, we are one. Though we have different and diverse perspectives, gifts and personalities, we are all one in Christ and called to express that unity in love and charity to one another.

 ‘My prayer and passion are that our students and our community will continue to build on our strong heritage, by growing together in knowledge, reflection and action. I look forward to how that unfolds.’