Introducing Megan Taylor, Records Manager

After a significant career in records management for government and corporates Mrs Megan Taylor, Records Manager, has arrived at Santa. Her catchwords are uniformity, consistency, compliance, capture, digitisation.

Working in archives early in her career she has come full circle as the successor to our long-standing archivist, Mrs Jenny Allison. Mrs Allison retired last year after 26 years at Santa largely holed up in Winton, the cream and green house in between our labyrinth and the Martin de Porres building, full of the historical treasures and records of our 125-year-old existence.

Despite daily forays into Winton, Mrs Taylor is located within the Community Relations Department and views the various College departments as her clients. ‘The systems I develop have to be useful, appropriate and make sense,’ she says. ‘People have to be happy and I’d like to get everyone on board with the digitisation of information that’s coming.’

Mrs Taylor, BA, Dip Info Mgt/Archives and member of the Society of Archivists, is a quiet, systematic, fine details person and this is the first school she has worked in.

Most recently she was a team leader in the Department of Finance Services and Innovation, a mega department of the NSW Government, where she led record keeping projects. Her most complex project was preparing records for the NSW Government’s privatisation of the Land Registry Services arm of the Land & Property Information Office. The Registry is now leased to a private consortium and maintains over three million land titles.

‘It was really interesting. We were working against the clock and I really enjoyed it.’

Before that Mrs Taylor worked as a consultant for 20 years in Brisbane, Darwin and Sydney, advising agencies and looking at their record-keeping systems. ‘Technology has changed record keeping so much since I started,’ she says.

‘Now there is a high level of sophistication.’

At Santa Mrs Taylor is setting up an overarching electronic framework to capture, use, maintain, track, monitor and dispose of all records, retaining relevant information within one location, whether physical or digital. Government legislation is governing this work and Mrs Taylor’s attention to detail and accuracy will ensure its success. She will also continue the work in Archives, responding to information requests and curating exhibitions for our events.

Outside of work Mrs Taylor spends time with family and friends, as well as in the garden or inside a good book. But what does she live for most? Exotic travel it seems – her next adventure is to rent an igloo and watch the Northern Lights far away in Scandinavia. Surely a lovely counterpoint to the structures and systems of the reports and records of her daily life.