Aimee Sutton

About Ms Sutton
Animal-loving sport fanatic! She lives and breathes Softball mostly, and loves working in sports administration and organisation. She plays a lot of sports herself, with the main ones being Softball, Hockey, and Swimming.

What she does
She is one of the new Sport Administrators in the Sport Department. In particular this year, she is looking after Softball, Hockey, Water Polo, and Snowsports, but you will also see her around at the College Carnivals and Representative Events.

Ms Sutton been working in sports administration since she graduated from High School, first at Tara Anglican School for Girls (she is a Tara Old Girl), and now at Santa Sabina College. Apart from that, her formal qualifications are actually in Marine Science (Bachelor of Marine Science, and a Bachelor of Arts with a Bachelor of Science from Macquarie University, plus a Certificate III in Captive Animals from the Western Sydney Institute of TAFE).

Life before Santa
Directly before moving to Santa, Ms Sutton was actually working in Queensland at SEA LIFE Sunshine Coast Aquarium as an Aquarist (Zoo Keeper that looks after marine animals and fish). Before that, she was working casually at Tara in the Sport Department and as a Debating and Public Speaking Coach, as well as at Sydney Aquarium as a Dugong Keeper.

Life outside of Santa
When she’s not playing sport, or organising sport, or doing something sport related? Spending time with her family and friends, SCUBA diving (she is a PADI Dive Master), plane spotting at the airport, and building LEGO.

Favourite sport

A surprising fact
Ms Sutton was born in northern Queensland, so she supports the Maroons in the State of Origin!