First in Australia for Geography

Year 10 Santa Sabina College student Rachel Frecker placed First in the Year 10 division of the nationwide 2019 Australian Geography Competition.

Competing against over 16 000 students, Rachel scored a remarkable 39/40 in this challenging competition that tests not only geographic skills and knowledge but also requires an understanding of a broad range of contemporary geographical issues.

Rachel expressed surprise on winning the competition as she had not yet studied the Year 10 geography syllabus at the time of the testing and her favourite subject is actually history rather than geography. She put her win down to her grasp of general geography skills such as interpreting data and understanding maps and graphs.

‘We didn’t get much warning about the test coming up’, Rachel said. ‘I tried my best’. The skills and knowledge-based test included questions on maps, graphs and data.

‘I like geography but I love history’, Rachel says. ‘I was very surprised and excited to hear the news of winning – it was not what I expected’.

Rachel has a keen interest in current affairs and travel, relying on phone apps and The Washington Post to bring her the news and expand her general knowledge. Next year she will be studying the IBDP, the challenging international program offered by Santa Sabina College as an alternative to the HSC. After that, Rachel has her sights set on a career in law or politics.

Rachel’s other academic successes this year include winning NSW’s inaugural Ethics Olympiad and representing her region in the state finals of the Science and Engineering Challenge presented by the University of Newcastle.

Rachel is not just an academic, she is also a ballet dancer, plays piano and studies speech and drama.