Farewell Year 12 As the last day of Term 3 arrives for all students, it is particularly momentous for our Year 12 girls. The end of Term 3 represents the end of their school lives. They formally graduate from Santa Sabina College with their final assembly, evening Mass

27 September 2018

Principal’s Update – 13 September 2018

Our first weeks of spring have been brought alive in the most amazing way by our students. We have had a succession of really exceptional stories and I wish to share them with you all. I believe our Santa students are exceptional young people. They demonstrate concern beyond themselves through

13 September 2018

Principal’s Update – 30 August 2018

The College wishes all of our fathers and grandfathers a very happy Father’s Day on Sunday. We celebrated this special occasion today with two Masses, and beautiful breakfasts that our generous P&F catered.  A great opportunity for our fathers to spend dedicated time with their children is our special Father/Child

30 August 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 13

The feast of the Assumption of Mary (15 August), was celebrated at SSC with two Masses catering for K-5 and 6-12 students respectively. This most important feast day in the Catholic calendar was an opportunity to reflect on Mary’s strength and the power of her witness. In the Magnificat which

16 August 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 12

Term 3 is always special as it is the time we celebrate the feast day of St Dominic. “Dom’s Day” this year is on Friday 3 August, and we look forward to the Dominican Sisters joining us for a liturgical celebration, followed by morning tea. Our Year 12 College Captain

2 August 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 11

I extend my sincere appreciation and congratulations to all staff and students responsible for such an outstanding celebration of musical excellence, imagination, and the spirit of Santa Sabina community at its best. The concert, at City Recital Hall, Angel Place, Sydney on Friday 15 June, was a sellout with good

28 June 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 10

Principal’s Update 2018 – 10

Education is a common good and not just an individual achievement. The OECD has launched The Future of Education and Skills 2030 project to find out how best to prepare learners for the future. The year 2030 may seem a long way off but in our context it has to

14 June 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 9

Don’t Keep History A Mystery This year during National Reconciliation Week (27 May – 3 June), all Australians are invited to learn more about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures and histories, to share that knowledge and help us grow as a nation. Santa Sabina College has a strong tradition

31 May 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 8

Principal’s Update 2018 – 8

As students in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9 sit their NAPLAN tests this week the spotlight has yet again been placed on the value and indeed the future of NAPLAN. NSW Education Minister, Mr Rob Stokes, has been quoted as critical of the national testing regime, or at least

17 May 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 7

Principal’s Update 2018 – 7

Dear Parents and Carers Welcome to Term 2. It is fitting that we were able to open the Siena Centre for use by Years 11-12 students just one day after the Feast of St Catherine of Siena (1347-1380). She is a renowned theologian, mystic and Dominican saint who was proclaimed

2 May 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 6

Principal’s Update 2018 – 6

My very best wishes to our Year 12 students this week as they undertake an Assessment block comprising traditional examination-style tasks, oral tasks and other styles of assessment. It is always a stressful time, and they are certainly in our prayers. Their retreat at the end of this term is

5 April 2018

Principal’s Update 2018 – 5

Principal’s Update 2018 – 5

During this week of Lent, we continue to prepare ourselves to be open to God’s graces. As hope-filled people we appreciate the significance of prayer and continue to pray and act in very concrete ways. Prayer, fasting and almsgiving draw us back to God and each other.   This Sunday,

21 March 2018