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Middle Years

Middle Years 6-8
Growing girls

We design learning environments where hard work feels like play – where diversity is recognised, expertise respected, and capacity for learning optimised. We grow your girls to be strong, capable and resilient. We know that girls thrive when they feel valued, connected, and aspire to achieve personal excellence.We understand that in the Middle Years motivation and engagement can dip as the academic demands escalate. So we support our girls as they take risks to immerse themselves in new learning that piques their curiosity, and builds on what they already know.

You’ll see our girls partner with experts to investigate water quality, tinker with robots, and play alongside professional musicians. Their learning spills out of the classroom into exhibitions and performances. Student-driven teams lead projects within and beyond the curriculum including social justice, the environment, and media.

Growing girls become knowing women when they have a confident and critical understanding of themselves as individuals and as learners.