Football (soccer) is offered to students K-12. All students are able to participate in weekend competition teams. Cluster gala days are open to players in K-6. Representative teams are selected to compete at the CGSSSA Championship.

Individual students are offered additional representative opportunities beyond the school level.

  • Training is held at the College or Strathfield Park either before or after school.
  • The CGSSSA Championships are held in Term 2 during school hours.
  • Football teams are coached by staff, parents and casually employed coaches.

The College aims to provide sporting opportunities for students of all abilities. Provided students are prepared to meet the commitment required all are welcome to participate in weekend competition teams.

Traditionally the competitions we have entered are:

  • IPSHA (Yr 4-6)
  • CDSFA (K-12)
  • CGSSSA (Yr 7-12)

Our representative school pathways are:

  • NSW Combined Catholic Colleges and NSW All Schools (Years 7-12)
  • NSW Catholic Primary Schools and NSWPSSSA (Years 5-6)