League Tag

Leaguetag (or Oztag as it is also known) is similar to Touch but instead of ‘touching’ the players to make the ‘tackle’ a flag is pulled from a tape around each player’s waist. There no ongoing Oztag competition on offer. We enter a one-off experiential Oztag gala day run by the Cook Cluster, which is open to all students in Years 3-6 in Term 4.

  • Children learn the basics of the Oztag game in their PE lessons.
  • No formal training sessions are run prior to the day.
  • Oztag teams are coached on the day by staff and casually employed coaches.

The College aims to provide sporting opportunities for students of all abilities. Provided students are prepared to meet the commitment required all are welcome to participate in the Cook Cluster Gala Day.

Traditionally the competition we enter is

  • Cook Cluster (Yr 3-6)

There are no representative school pathways for Oztag.