Equestrian is a very specialised sport and has not traditionally had a large number of participants. It is offered to students in Yrs 3-12 with an appropriate level of experience and skill. All competitors need to have their own mount and the ability to float it to competitions.

  • Several school-based competitions are held in and around the Sydney area each year.
  • Competitions and conditions of entry are advertised in school publications as they arise.

The College aims to provide sporting opportunities for students of all abilities. However, given the inherent risks associated with equestrian events students must have an adequate level of skill, experience and parental support to enter events.

Traditionally the competitions we have offered to students are:

  • Tara Interschool Dressage
  • Galston High School Equestrian
  • St Paul’s Equestrian Event
  • Camden High School Equestrian

There are no representative school pathways for Equestrian.