Dance is offered to students in Years 1-12. All students are able to audition. A variety of dance styles are available to students depending upon their age. These styles include: Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Creative and Traditional

  • Auditions are held in Term 1.
  • Practice is held at the College before or after school.
  • Specialist Dance Instructors are employed to teach dance classes.

The College aims to provide opportunities for all students with an appropriate level of skill. Provided students are prepared to meet the commitment required all are welcome to nominate and audition.

Traditionally the competitions we have entered are

  • Sydney Eisteddfod (Yr 1-12)
  • Ryde Eisteddfod (Yr 1-12)
  • IPSHA Festival (Yr 1-6)
  • CGSSSA (Yr 7-12)

There are no representative school pathways beyond a school level for Dance.