Introducing Patrick Lee, Assistant Director of IT

At Santa Sabina we always have a few alumni on staff but until now they have always been women. Our first alumnus has now returned – an old boy of Del Monte –  in the shape of our new Assistant Director of IT, Patrick Lee.

Mr Lee spent two years in the 1980s at Del Monte before moving on to St Pat’s but always enjoyed the beauty and size of our campuses, which are unmatched locally.

“It’s changed a lot and looks freshened up and a few buildings have been added”, he says.

“It’s a very beautiful campus.”

Mr Lee comes to us from a career in IT consulting as well as more than five years employed in IT at iconic local company Arnotts biscuits, where Tim Tams for staff were unlimited! He has also worked for Energy Australia, HCF, RMS and Blockbuster but Santa Sabina is his first taste of working in a school.

He chose to apply for the job here because he believes the global computing giants, Apple and Microsoft, are now focusing their energies on the education sector, proving innovative solutions to students and teachers everywhere.

“The mobile environment for learning and development is the current big push in computer technology”, he says. He has plans to ensure our students stay up to date in this push. He will help them get the most out of existing technology as well as being prepared for the inevitable advances.

Although Mr Lee uses both a PC as well as a Mac for himself, and would be hard-pressed to choose if he was restricted to one system, he sees the (Apple Mac) iPad becoming even more dominant in future school life. This year’s release of a basic iPad compatible with the Apple Pen is the breakthrough for students who want to retain the ability to write notes rather than type. Mr Lee believes this flexibility and portability will win followers at all schools.

Having always worked in IT and with a BSc from UNSW in Information Systems, Mr Lee is also a creative – a part-time professional photographer. He is often commissioned by The Catholic Weekly to cover weekend events, his recent favourite work being the Blessing of the Fleet at Sydney’s Fish Markets. For recreation he enjoys taking portraits which capture the emotions and everyday life of his subjects.

Mr Lee is a motorbike-riding, camera-toting first-generation Australian from a Korean background – a wonderful addition to our multicultural and diverse staff, even if he is returning “home”.