Introducing Ms Alice Macoun, College Counsellor

Alice Macoun is our new College Counsellor P-12, working alongside Tania Rugiero. Ms Macoun spends three days a week in Del Monte and two days a week on the Senior and Middle Years campus.

She is a Registered Psychologist and Clinical Registrar with a Master’s degree from ANU and Bachelor’s degree with 1st class Honours from Macquarie University. Ms Macoun has worked in private practice as well as in other schools and is excited to have joined the staff of Santa because of the diversity of our students.

“Working with boys in the younger years and having a greater diversity in terms of age range is giving me the career dimension I was after,” she said.

Ms Macoun believes that wellbeing and learning are “intricately linked” and she focuses on helping children navigate any challenges. Although already highly trained, Ms Macoun is ensuring that our students’ wellbeing is supported through seeking new skills and knowledge continuously.

She is soon to attend training in the Seasons for Growth Program for Grief and Loss, an Australian Primary Schools Mental Health Initiative. And it’s not just students who will benefit from Ms Macoun’s presence among us – another training program she will participate in is “Tuning in to Kids”, a coaching program for parents with the aim of helping children understand and regulate their emotions.

Having always had an interest in human behaviour and what lies behind it, Ms Macoun was naturally attracted to a career in psychology. Her career so far has been fulfilling – “seeing changes in children is definitely rewarding,” she says. She is hoping to establish preventative action programs for our students, working in groups as well as with individuals.

To switch off from work Ms Macoun loves to exercise at the gym and go for walks in nature or by the water. She stresses the importance of eating healthily and taking time for oneself, which for her often takes the form of reading novels and true crime as well as the latest psychological research.

Although networking with other school counsellors and interacting with psychologists at different career stages is another key to her own wellbeing, Ms Macoun says “You have to take time alone for yourself, away from other people” to truly focus on “self-care”.