Introducing Maxene Borg, Head of Inclusive Education

For this fortnight’s staff profile Veritas Voice spoke to Ms Maxene Borg, our new Head of Inclusive Education 6-12.

Ms Borg came to us from St Mary’s Cathedral College where she was Leader of Diverse Learning for two years. Prior to this role, she was the Leader of Learning Diversity for the Catholic Education Office Sydney (CEO) and worked across 50 primary and secondary schools in Sydney’s inner west. She also held a consultant’s role in inclusive education with the Association of Independent School of NSW (AIS).

Always a teacher but one who came to specialise in inclusive education, the positions in the CEO and the AIS gave Ms Borg experience of a wide range of students with diverse needs and the different structures in place to support them within individual schools.

“There have been big changes in schools – what I do is no longer called special ed”, she says.

“Inclusive Education covers literacy and language skills, adolescent mental health, physical impairment, learning disabilities and other issues. We don’t have a homogenous population. We respond to diversity.”

Ms Borg comes to the role with a Masters in Inclusive Education, and a Masters in Applied Leadership in Positive Education plus a Graduate Certificate in Education Law. She has come to Santa to advocate for all students and their diverse needs.

“One thing I’m really passionate about is to use my experience and expertise to share what I know to build teacher capacity in best practice for students with diverse needs.”

She is looking to build multi-modal programs which balance classroom support with accessible and collaborative professional learning programs. Blending what’s on the ground for the students with building the knowledge base of teachers will be the measure of her success.

“I care really deeply about what my impact will look like”, Ms Borg says.

Ms Borg has two young adult children and spends her downtime with family and friends. Growing up in a small town in regional NSW and starting professional life as a Maths teacher, Ms Borg’s professional and life experience brings a whole new element to our diverse team of inclusive educators.

“Teaching is a job that’s never done”, she says. “There’s always more to do, there’s always more to know.”