Introducing Jodi Halmarick, Outdoor Education Coordinator

About Ms Halmarick
She enjoys being fit and healthy through activities such as running, swimming and cycling. She loves being outdoors, spending time with her four children and travelling.

What she does
Ms Halmarick is our Outdoor Education Coordinator. She liaises between the College’s Strathfield and Tallong campuses to organise the Outdoor Education programs and experiences. She is The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Leader for Santa Sabina and a casual teacher of PDHPE.

Bachelor of Sports Science (Exercise Science), Diploma of Education (PDHPE).

Life before Santa
Ms Halmarick was a Lecturer and Associate Lecturer in the Medical Faculty at the University of NSW where she taught an Exercise Science subject. She has also been a PDHPE teacher at many schools and a personal trainer.

Life outside of Santa
She spends time with her family and friends, she runs and she coaches netball.

Favourite sport
Netball and running.

A surprising fact
Ms Halmarick has ranked in the top 10 placings for her age group for long-distance running events including 10km, half marathons and marathons and has played netball at state level.