In late November the College community came together to celebrate the achievements of our boys and girls in pursuit of sport. Our students have been wonderful ambassadors for the College, they have played to the best of their ability and so we have recognised their participation and acknowledged our high achievers. 

Congratulations to those who received awards in recognition of their achievements in sport. We are very fortunate to have a healthy growing and vibrant sporting community. The immense pride that our boys and girls had in representing the College throughout the year was most impressive. This was also evident during the Sports Awards evening when students were being presented with their awards.

 We enjoyed hearing from our guest speaker ex-student Ms Mikaela Stevens (1980) who spoke about her past experiences and her selection onto the Volleyroos team. Her message of commitment, dedication and a never-give-up attitude has seen her progress to the top of her sport.

The audience was also entertained by weightlifter Sabah Chamoun (Year 12) and basketballer Alana Goodchild (Year 9) who spoke about their development as athletes and elevation to the top of their sport. The interviews with our Sports Captains, Bridget Clark (Year 10) and Sophia Bartorilla (Year 10), were a highlight of the evening.

We also showcased our Primary Dance and Senior Musical Theatre Dance troupes who displayed the great talent that this College enables and encourages.