Prayer Companions

The Dominican Sisters who are Prayer Companions to our Year 12 students mean so much to the girls as they prepare for the HSC exams.

For the last ten years or more the Sisters and the students have been getting together at an annual event during Term 3 – for morning tea, gentle discussion, prayer and blessing.

This year, on Tuesday 28 August, more than 20 Sisters and more than 100 Year 12s gathered in sunny (but cool) St Elizabeth’s for tea, cakes, celebration and loving support. Each Sister has a group of around five students to remember in her prayers at this time of year.

As Santa alum Sr Jill Shervington explained:

“Today we’ve been celebrating the HSC Prayer Companions Morning Tea. This is a very special day in the calendar for the Sisters and also for the students at Santa Sabina College. We get to meet the girls who we are praying for during the HSC – well we’ve already begun. We’ve prayed them through the HSC trials – and we’re praying them through these last few weeks and certainly during the HSC exams.

“it’s a lovely opportunity to meet them and to tell them a little bit about ourselves. Many of us were prayed for generations ago by the Sisters here at Santa Sabina and we remember that very carefully and with great gratitude. So now it’s our privilege to be able to pass on this kind of gift to them and the memories and stories that go with it.”

At the end of the celebration the Sisters stood to pray for and bless the students.

A poignant and inspiring morning for all of us who were there.