Cantilena Concert

Cantilena: Congratulations!

On his first experience of a Santa Sabina musical performance, Head of School Mr Steven O’Connor had this to say:

The Santa Sabina College community experienced a magnificent showcase of musical excellence in the form of the Cantilena Concert in June 2018. Not many schools would be able to plan and execute a concert of the calibre we witnessed and enjoyed. Not many schools would have a music program so strong it would be able to, with confidence, book a highly regarded venue such as the City Recital Hall at Angel Place. The Cantilena Concert was just simply outstanding!

I wish to place on record my congratulations and thank all of the students who performed in Cantilena. I was incredibly proud of every student who participated in the concert and was really moved and uplifted by the pieces which were presented on the night!

Of course, I wish to also thank and congratulate all of the Music staff and tutors who poured so much energy into preparing individual students and numerous ensembles for Cantelina. In particular, I thank Mrs Karen Carey, Mr Timothy Chung, Mr James Pensini, Mrs Sarah Feltham and Ms Danielle Abbott for their leadership of this incredible event. Their vision and skills contributed so much to the exceptional concert presented last Friday!

Congratulations – and well done, everyone! Bravo; Bravissimo!

St Catherine of Siena wrote, “Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire”.

We continue to provide our students at Santa Sabina with every opportunity to discover and use their God-given skills and talents across all areas of our curriculum and co-curriculum. This is central to our mission and Cantelina was a wonderful expression of incredible skill, talent, hard work and at the end of the day, joy!

As Head of School 6-12, I want all of our students to be spectacular in all that they do; in their studies, in their relationships, in their cultural pursuits, in their sport and of course, in their overall development as young women: body and heart, mind and soul. I continue to be incredibly encouraged and moved by the various expressions of this in this exceptional school.  

I think every member of the audience at the City Recital Hall felt that our praises for God were united in our hearts with the sounds of beauty and eternity. Thank you for an uplifting and spectacular performance at Cantilena!