Pastoral Care

Students are provided with opportunities and structures to create and promote strong and nourishing relationships.


  • are valued for who they are, rather than for what they do
  • are supported to develop resilience and deal with the challenges of everyday life in a realistic and constructive way
  • are nurtured to develop an optimistic, positive outlook on the world, and to have a sense of service
  • are encouraged to place realistic expectations on themselves
  • learn about and appreciate their intellectual, emotional and social growth

In the Primary School class and Year groups are the basis of the Pastoral Care system; each child is well known to their class teacher.

In the Middle School the Homeroom Teacher meets daily with a small group of students; the Homeroom group is the basis of the Pastoral Care system in the Middle School.

In Years 8-12 students meet daily in vertical Homeroom groups comprised of students from Years 8-12 – this group is like a student’s ‘family’ at school.


House System

From Prep to Year 12 every student is a member of one of 6 Houses.

The House system is the basis for building community as well as for sporting and cultural activities.

On the Primary Campus, children gather in their colour houses for significant school events, such as St. Dominic’s Day, Grandparents’ Day annual Swimming and Athletics Carnivals and Community Day.

For Middle and Secondary students the colour houses are the basis for their Homeroom groupings, as well as for events such as carnivals. Each House is led by a team of student leaders. Students in Years 6-12 are under the care of their Head of House. All staff also belong to a House group.

These six houses have been given the following Indigenous names:

  • Gunagulla (blue)
  • Kurrawa (aqua)
  • Mundawora (purple)
  • Teangi (orange)
  • Weelya (green)
  • Yetinga (red)