Tallong Booking Terms and Conditions

If you have any questions or wish to clarify the following Terms and Conditions of Hire please contact the Campus Manager

The Booking and Payment Process

In the Table below: Santa Sabina College is designated as ‘SSC’



Action By

By When


Placement of a Booking Enquiry regarding availability of Tallong Campus to suit your needs and dates


As applicable


In response to your Booking Enquiry, preparation and forwarding to you of the Client Booking Form, including:

  • Your details at Booking Enquiry
  • Availability of Tallong facilities for your group
  • Costing for your group (based on current Tariff Rates)
  • Payment Schedule (based on current Tariff Rates)
  • Confirmation of a Reservation being held for you

SSC Tallong

Within 10 days of your enquiry


Holding of the Reservation for you

SSC Tallong

21 days from the date of mailing the Client Booking Form to you


Confirmation of the Reservation by forwarding to us:

  • Client Booking Form
  • Signature indicating agreement by your Organisation to accept the Terms and Conditions of Hire
  • Deposit of 10% of the Estimated Costs



Confirmation of your Booking

SSC Tallong

Within 7 days of receipt of your acceptance and deposit


Forwarding to you:

  • Invoice for 50% of the Estimated Total for your stay
  • Final Confirmation Form to indicate the name of the person attending who will be responsible for the group your confirmed number of guests. This number – or if greater, actual numbers – will be used to calculate your account.   (If your numbers increase, you will be billed on the actual.)
  • Special dietary requirements, and any special catering arrangements
  • Registration List for you to complete and provide to us upon your arrival

SSC Strathfield

6 weeks prior to your arrival


Return to Santa Sabina College Strathfield:

  • Payment of 50% of Estimated Total for your stay


21 days prior to your arrival







10 days prior to your arrival

Return to Santa Sabina Tallong:

  • Completed Final Confirmation Form – This will be the number we charge for.



Provide to us:

  • A Registration List, with first and last name of all guests in your party
  • A completed Accommodation Layout


On arrival


Mail to you a Tax Invoice for the balance due

SSC Strathfield

On completion of your stay


Payment of balance due to Santa Sabina College Strathfield


Within 7 days of receipt of Tax Invoice


Cancellation Policy

Refund of deposits will only be made if at least 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation is given.

If any function is cancelled due to Santa Sabina College factors outside the hirer’s control, any security deposits and rental paid shall be returned in full.


Expectations of Users


Each user group will participate in a general briefing at the site. It will include:

Site information

Use of facilities

Evacuation procedures

Safety and duty of care

Appropriate behaviour




Tallong Campus is a strictly non-smoking environment and smoking is prohibited on the campus in and around all buildings.

Care and respect for the environment and facility is expected.

Breakages and damage to property should be reported immediately and paid for by the user group.



The Group Leader of the organisation who has booked the site is responsible for the behaviour of the group. Santa Sabina College reserves the right to ask that persons be removed from the site if behaviour is unacceptable.

Illegal drugs and other prohibited substances are not permitted on site.

Obscene or insulting language or disorderly behaviour shall not be permitted on the Campus.


Expectations of Users

Noise and Lighting

In consideration of neighbours and other guests on the site:

  • noise should cease by 10.00pm.
  • lights, with the exception of verandahs, should be out by 11pm.


Critical Incident Management Plan (CIMP)

Santa Sabina College has a Critical Incident Management Plan for Tallong Campus. In the event of a critical incident, users would be required to comply with instructions from the Campus Manager (or persons with delegated authority).

Users are required to have a Critical Incident Management Plan for their stay at Tallong Campus.

A copy of this CIMP will be made available to the Campus Manager if necessary.


Emergencies and First Aid

There is a First Aid Room in Building 3.

First Aid is the responsibility of the Client including having appropriately first aid trained people. Clients are expected to supply their own First Aid kits that include bringing appropriate medication such as Epipens, Ventolin, Panadol, prescribed medications and over the counter medications that are required.

In the case of injury or illness, the person responsible for the group must complete the Santa Sabina College Accident Report provided by the Manager of Tallong Campus.


After Hours and Emergency Contact of Guests and Campus Staff

Afterhours contact number for guests is 4841 0001. If contact is unsuccessful on this number, in emergencies the Manager of Tallong Campus can be contacted on 0401 290 706.


Vacating Premises

All buildings should be vacated by the pre-arranged time.



The hirer agrees to indemnify Santa Sabina College for any damage incurred by the College or its servants or agents.