Year 8

Our students experience an intellectually stimulating, diverse and contemporary curriculum which promotes the education of the whole person to her full potential.

Year 8 students join the Vertical Homeroom system as they transition from Middle School to the Secondary School. Such continuity of care within the same Homeroom and House over 5 years provides students with a nurturing and familiar environment focused on the development of relationships, leadership and engagement with the community.

The Board of Studies determines a great deal of the curriculum which must be offered in all NSW schools over Years 7 to 10 of Secondary School.

By Year 8, students have had class experience in a wide number of curriculum areas and have had the opportunity to develop their skills as independent learners. In Year 8 students undertake study in the following areas:

Religious EducationTechnology
EnglishLanguages (French, Italian, Japanese)
SciencePersonal Development, Health & Physical Education
HistoryVisual Arts