Year 8

Our students experience an intellectually stimulating, diverse and contemporary curriculum which promotes the education of the whole person to her full potential.

Our Year 8 students join the vertical Homeroom system as they transition from Middle Years to the Secondary Years. Such continuity of care within the same Homeroom and House over five years provides our students with a nurturing and familiar environment focused on the development of their relationships, leadership and engagement with the community.

The Board of Studies determines a great deal of the curriculum which must be offered in all NSW schools over Years 7 to 10 of Secondary School.

By Year 8, our students have had class experience in a wide number of curriculum areas and have had the opportunity to develop their skills as independent learners. In Year 8 our students undertake study in the following areas:

Religious EducationTechnology
EnglishLanguages (French, Italian, Japanese)
SciencePersonal Development, Health & Physical Education
HistoryVisual Arts