Introducing Sarah Tynan, Head of Pastoral Care

The first thing you’ll probably notice about Sarah Tynan is her striking, sparkly lanyard, a parting gift from her colleagues at her last school. The second thing you will notice is her warmth and energy, a new blessing for the Santa Sabina community.

Ms Sarah Tynan believes building strong and resilient young women is a priority in the field of education. New to us this year but with significant experience in pastoral care, growing resilience will be her focus with students in Years 6 to 12 at Santa Sabina College. She is also Year 11’s IB Biology teacher.

She believes girls’ schools of Sydney’s Inner West are set apart from other schools – their students have “real substance”. Ms Tynan should know – she spent the last nine years teaching Biology and Chemistry at MLC School (Burwood) and her alma mater is PLC Sydney (in Croydon). The Inner West is her stamping ground and local girls have a champion in her.

“The girls of the Inner West challenge the status quo and think beyond boundaries”, she says proudly.

“They are dynamic and multicultural thanks to their exposure to diverse people, experiences and faith bases.”

Without realising it was to be her career, Ms Tynan began teaching while still in first year Science at The University of Sydney. That first job coaching sport at PLC led to various sports coaching jobs at MLC including as swimming coach and lifesaving instructor at school camps. The call to continue teaching was strong, so after graduating as Bachelor of Science she embarked on her Master of Teaching, also at Sydney.

The following year and a half teaching Science at Wenona confirmed that career choice, with its particular focus on educating young women. When a position was offered at MLC Ms Tynan returned to the Inner West for her dream job of teaching in the IBDP.

“I love the holistic nature of the IB’s broad education program. With its underpinning philosophy of students becoming inquirers and risk-takers it really engages them to think beyond the classroom.”

At MLC Ms Tynan also ran Science conferences for the students and was promoted to Head of House and Head of Year, both pastoral care roles.

She wants Santa girls to know that failing is merely a first attempt in learning and a necessary step in growing and developing. With the College Counsellors and the Heads of House, Ms Tynan offers a place to go that’s safe if girls need a break from the day to day. Ms Tynan is looking forward to working with individual girls to find their passion – what it is that makes their hearts sing.

When Ms Tynan is not at school you will find her at the beach with her dogs or, in winter, at the snow. She also spends time with dragons, elves and fairies when reading fantasy and action novels. Favourites include Lord of the RingsHarry Potter and Eragon.

Grounded in science, sport, dogs and dragons, a better role model for a healthy balanced life would be hard to find.


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